Byte Digital is a PPC Agency based in London and we work with SME’s and organisations just like yours to achieve their business goals through our digital marketing services.

We’re a Google Partner. It shows that we’ve passed our Google Ads product exams and are up-to-date with the latest products and tech from Google. This means we’re also an approved Google Shopping Agency.

We’ve earned our Google Partner badge and wear it with pride.

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Since our formation in 2005, we’ve evolved into a comprehensive team of marketers, creatives and developers. We have many years of combined experience between us and have worked on some pretty big brands in various industries. We’ve also worked with small businesses, helping them drive sales and leads through web design and digital marketing.

We’ve been around the block a few times, seeing the demise of print through to the rise of digital; but we’ve always stayed at the forefront of where technology meets marketing. Now we’re utilising machine learning where possible, to target the right prospects with the right media at the right time to maximise every marketing penny spent.

Google Ads Agency

Be found and grow.

Expand your reach and generate more conversions through intelligent research and strategy. We craft highly-targeted digital advertising campaigns to match your marketing objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?
We offer digital services such as PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on Google and YouTube to crafting beautiful landing pages and websites (that convert clicks to enquiries and sales) and everything in between. Our focus is always on your return on investment.
How much does PPC cost?
This depends on many variables - what platform the ads will be running (Google Ads, Facebook), what type of advert you'll be running (Search, Video or Display) and what your objectives are.

During our proposal process, we'll run simulations and estimate a monthly budget to meet your marketing objectives.
How much does Byte Digital charge for PPC management
We base this on how many hours we need to manage your account on a monthly basis.
How do you measure success?
You tell us your marketing objectives and KPI's and we'll tell you how to reach them. We'll run simulations, set out expectations and how they will be measured.
What about websites?
We build not only beautiful websites, but websites that convert into sales and enquiries. We consider the user journey from the click of an ad to final conversion.
And good-old print?
It's still alive and has its place. Although print isn't our focus, we've been in the marketing world for so long we followed the steady migration from press to digital. We can help with any printed communications.
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Digital marketing services.

google search ads

Google Search

The backbone of digital marketing. Get your brand, products and services in front of your desired audience at the point of search.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Promote your products to the consumers that matter the most – the ones searching for them.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network

Reach 90% of worldwide internet users across millions of websites, like blogs, news pages, YouTube and Gmail.


Google Remarketing

Re-engage your customers, realise brand recall and initiate intent with remarketing campaigns.

YouTube Ads


Generate awareness of your brand or product and only show ads to targeted potential customers.

Facebook ads

Facebook Ads

Reach and influence a targeted audience of Facebook’s 1.6 billion active users, through Facebook Ads.

Instagram ads

Instagram Ads

Generation Z’s go-to social media platform has a lot of scope for marketing your brand to a younger audience.



We can increase your visibility in search engines with content, onsite and technical SEO.

User Experience

User Experience

We gather a deep understanding of your user’s needs, values and desires and align those to the goals of your website.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

We’ll increase your conversion rate using existing data, competitor research and A/B testing.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive strategy to utilise the right marketing channels to achieve your business goals.

Web Design

Website Design

We build nifty websites, taking user experience and business objectives into consideration.

Digital Design

Digital Design

We love tech and design. We can be very creative when it comes to all things digital.

Print Design

Print Design

The King is dead. Long live the King. Brochures, leaflets and press all have their place in the new world of marketing.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Along with generating fierce sales on-demand, email marketing is a key player in customer retention and brand loyalty. And we totally get that.

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