Google Ads for Drone Safe Store

Drone Safe Store is a DJI Drone retailer that has appeared on BBC’s Dragons Den . They are independent and family-owned, and they take pride in providing excellent customer service and product support.

Drone Safe Store is run by the same team that runs Drone Safe Register, the UK’s leading network of professionally trained, safe, and insured drone operators for hire.

As part of their marketing strategy, Drone Safe Store needed to:

  1. Increase their presence in Google’s organic search results (SEO).
  2. Increase the number of sales while lowering the average Cost Per Acquisition on PPC.

Drone Safe Store would see the greatest return on investment through Google Shopping. The campaign we inherited had errors in Google Merchant Centre and was not properly set up. There was no tracking, which is critical for shopping campaigns.

To leverage Google’s machine learning we;

  1. Implemented revenue tracking
  2. Resolve all errors from Google Merchant Centre
  3. Moved all campaigns away from a last-click conversion attribution model and moved to a data-driven one.
  4. Implemented Smart campaigns and monitored placements.
  5. Switched bid strategy and set an average return on ad spend.
  6. Worked with the developers to implement a dynamic Google Merchant feed and amendments to the content management system
  7. Run multiple shopping campaigns and implement promotions
  8. Regularly refresh the product-focused adtext and extensions
  9. carefully monitor search terms and updated negative keywords removing any non-performing terms over time.

We’ve increased organic search visibility and sales through Google Shopping free listings, but it’s difficult to attribute total success due to the lack of prior tracking.

Paid shopping campaigns perform exceptionally well, with a
3,680 per cent return on ad spend.
That metric is for the first month, and we’re sure we can continue to improve on that.

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