Gyrocom is a networking and security company specialising in cloud and digital transformation. They have a proven track record of delivering managed services to mid and large enterprises – check out their success stories.

They’re ahead of the game when it comes to SD-WAN (a virtual WAN architecture that will succeed legacy MPLS) and they’re constantly looking at emerging infrastructure technologies.  Gyrocom only partner with the best vendors within the industry, including Dell, Silver Peak, Palo Alto, Zscaler and VMware.

As part of Gyrocom’s focus on all things SD-WAN and their long term marketing strategy, they need visibility across Google Search:

  1. Increase visibility within Google Search organic rankings (SEO) for key services.
  2. Increase visibility within Google Search via PPC for search terms that cannot be achieved via SEO, eg vendor branded terms.

Byte Digital have many years of experience in developing targeted marketing to accumulate new customers while making sure the client is getting value for money.

We talked with Gyrocom and discussed which keywords and phrases would align with their business goals. We then ran projections and simulations on these phrases to figure out which will be achievable via SEO and which phrases we’ll have to bid on via PPC. The cost per click for tech phrases are quite expensive, so we wanted to focus on SEO as much as possible. We researched the phrases by objective, how high the competition is, how many times users search for them and simulated cost per click.


We carried out an extensive audit of the website’s code and content. It helped that we built the website and knew the code would be optimised and easy to amend if it needed to be.

Each search engine has its own set of ranking factors, but there are a few things that they all have in common: content, meta-data, and links. View our full checklist of SEO parameters we cover. Content is arguably the most important factor that search engines look for when ranking pages, so we requested Gyrocom create engaging content and articles that answer tech and business case queries.


We knew ranking for vendor branded terms such as ‘Silver Peak SD-Wan’ would be near impossible to achieve – the vendor has the monopoly on these phrases. To reach users searching for these terms we decided to run highly targeted PPC campaigns (Google Ads).

We split the campaigns by service and narrowed down the keywords, removing any non-performing terms over time. We crafted the adtext to be product-focused with multiple ads to A/B test.

We updated the landing pages to provide all the information users need and to encourage them to make an enquiry with a strong ‘call to action’.

We really focused on achieving a high-quality score for each and every keyword, to give us a lower cost per click and cost per conversion.

Gyrocom visibility within Google Search for SD-Wan is unrivalled. The website ranks highly in organic search (SEO) for a variety of key terms and phrases, such as ‘SD-Wan Consultants’, ‘SD-Wan Trial’, ‘Managed SD-Wan’, ‘Dell SD-Wan’ (a vendor brand term). All other vendor based keywords are targeted via Google Ads (PPC). We stay on top of any new emerging technologies and industry keywords.


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We’ve been working with tech clients for a while, developing specific sector knowledge. Drop us a message or chat with us online if you need help with your digital marketing – we are able to work with you on anything from Google Ads to Search Engine Optimisation, and everything in between.

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As an official Google Partner agency, you know that you are working with expert digital marketers who have proven their expertise. Add our regular Google Ads certification and training to our many years of experience and you know your media budget is in safe hands.

PPC: The pros

It’s super fast.
It will take some time for your tech keywords to rank well in organic search (if they rank well at all). PPC helps to expedite the process, obtaining targeted traffic to your website immediately.
It’s agile.
Should you need to change marketing tact, it can be done almost instantly.
The insights.
Campaigns that don’t perform well can be paused and the budget moved to more successful campaigns.
A/B testing.
Campaigns can be optimised within an inch of their life.
Cost per lead can be surprisingly low.
Most importantly, it’s measurable.
Because every metric can be tracked, a return on investment (ROI) can be calculated. If the ROI is positive then there is a real business case for PPC.

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