Google Ads allow you to put your services or brand in front of people when they’re searching for businesses and products like yours.

As a certified Google Ads Agency, we have years of experience creating and implementing high-performing PPC campaigns.

You only pay if someone clicks on your ad after they have searched for a product or service that you offer. A well-timed and optimised search ad can convert those people into valuable customers.

Before we create any campaign, we make sure the right strategy is in place and that Google Search Ads are right for your objectives. We run extensive competitor and industry research and use your own data to plan our campaigns accordingly. This enables us to build relevant and highly targeted campaigns.

We don’t just stop there. We have the expertise to create beautiful landing pages for our ads on your website, that takes into account the user journey for maximum chance of a successful sale or lead.

Success is measured depending on your objectives, but we’ll track every call, form submission and purchase, and use Google’s machine learning to optimise for more. Meaning Google will look at historical information and evaluate signals present at the time of auction to decide an optimal price for each and every click. If the data and signals show a high user intent then a higher bid will be placed.

Search campaigns can work in tandem with Display, YouTube or Facebook ads to help hit your KPI’s.

Google Ads Agency in Bromley
As a Google Ads Agency, we wear our Google Partner badge with pride. It shows that we’ve passed our Google Ads product exams and are up-to-date with the latest products and tech from Google. We’ve earned our Partner badge.

And, because we’re an official Google Ads Agency Partner, you know that you are working with expert digital marketers who have proven their expertise. Add our regular Google Ads certification and training to our many years of experience and you know your media budget is in safe hands.

You can be assured of the highest standard of work and progressive data-led thinking, which all conform to Google’s best practices and guidelines.

NHS Case Study

Digital Marketing for South East London NHS Integrated Care Systems

The collaboration involves the NHS, local government, partners, and an NHS Integrated Care Board.

The NHS Integrated Care Systems has partnered with Byte Digital to deploy and manage digital marketing as well as launch a number of initiatives aimed at driving traffic to www.selondonics.org and informing communities throughout south east London.

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case study online retailer

Google Ads management for Annie Haak

Annie Haak Designs Ltd is an online jewellery business that has seen tremendous sales and reputation growth.

Annie Haak, whose intriguing collection of bracelets, necklaces, and stacks is influenced by Bali’s rich culture, has a loyal following and wearers.

We manage their Google Ads campaigns, and we’re happy to report that we increased sales by 139%. More detail on how we achieved it can be found in our case study.

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Tech Company Case Study

Google Ads management for Gyrocom

Gyrocom is a cloud and digital transformation-focused networking and security firm.

They have a track record of successfully delivering managed services to mid and large-sized businesses.

When it comes to SD-WAN (a virtual WAN design that will replace old MPLS), they’re ahead of the curve, and they’re always on the lookout for new infrastructure solutions.

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Dental Practice Case Study

Google Ads management for Beckenham Dental Centre

Beckenham Dental Centre is a well-known Beckenham-based dental practice that was founded in 1973. It’s in a competitive region with a lot of dental practices. In January 2021, they collaborated with Byte Digital for Google Ads (PPC).

We raised conversions by 30% and decreased the cost per conversion (cost per enquiry) from £9.33 to just £3.49.
We were able to reduce the budget by 46 per cent (that’s nearly by half) thanks to a higher quality score and a reduction in wasted spend.

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Our service is based on delivering results.

Based on research and historical data, we examine your goals and present simulations of what you might expect. We don't bind you to long contracts; instead, we focus on delivering outcomes to keep your business with us. You have the option to cancel at any moment if you are dissatisfied with our services.

Google Ads interface

We aspire to be the best. You can contact us at any time, and we don't restrict work by limiting the number of ads or keywords. If your Google Ads campaigns require additional time to achieve your goals, we'll just go ahead and do it; you won't be charged more, and you won't have to micromanage us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?
We provide digital services ranging from Google Ads and YouTube PPC (Pay Per Click) ads to creating stunning landing pages and websites (that convert clicks into enquiries and purchases) and everything in between. Your return on investment is always at the forefront of our minds. Click 'Digital Marketing' in the navigation above to see the full list of services we provide.
How much does Google Ads cost?
This is dependent on a number of factors, including the platform on which the advertising will run (Google Ads, Facebook), the sort of ad you'll be running (Search, Video, or Display), and your goals. We'll perform simulations and estimate a monthly budget to accomplish your marketing goals as part of our proposal process.
How much does Byte Digital charge for Google Ads Agency management
This is determined by the number of hours required to handle your account on a monthly basis.
How do you measure success?
We'll tell you how to achieve your marketing goals and KPIs if you tell us what they are. We'll run simulations and determine how expectations will be measured.
What about websites?
Not only do we create attractive websites, but we also create websites that convert into sales and enquiries. From the initial ad click to the ultimate conversion, we evaluate the user path.

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