Established in 1973, Beckenham Dental Centre is a well-known Beckenham-based dental practice. It’s located in a competitive area with many dental practices. They partnered with Byte Digital in January 2021 for Google Ads (PPC).


Beckenham Dental Centre Testimonial

Beckenham Dental Centre was keen to:

  1. Increase the number of new patient enquiries with a reduced marketing budget.
  2. Inform existing patients of services they may not be aware of.

Byte Digital has many years of experience in developing targeted marketing to accumulate new customers while making sure the client is getting value for money.

Increase the number of new patient enquiries with a reduced marketing budget.

We determined that the campaigns had gotten stale and needed to be optimised to compete in such a competitive market after reviewing them. We also discovered low-quality scores and non-performing keywords, which resulted in a wasted budget.

We split the campaigns by service and narrowed down the keywords, removing any non-performing terms. We crafted the adtext to be service-focused with multiple ads to A/B test.

We updated the landing pages to provide all the information users needed and encourage them to make an enquiry with strong ‘call to actions’.

By narrowing down the geographic locations, we reduced any wasted budget for out of area enquiries.

We really focused on achieving a high quality score for each and every keyword, to give us a lower cost per click and cost per conversion.

Inform existing patients of services they may not be aware of.

We have achieved this with ad extensions and responsive ad-text. With each ad triggered we show a range of additional services the practice provides. This has worked particularly well with a brand campaign, which informs users and promotes other services the practice supplies that the user may not be aware of.  We implemented machine learning to match these services to what the user may need either now or in the future.

Google Ads Partner

The Results

Within the first 60 days of our new account management, conversions increased considerably - up by 30%. We were able to slash the cost per conversion (cost per enquiry) from £9.33 to just £3.49. Because of the higher quality score and cut in wasted spend, we were able to reduce the budget by a whopping 46%. And as there are no out-of-area enquiries, we were confident that the leads we generate are more valuable.

30% more enquiries, of better quality, for nearly half the cost.

We strive for excellence. You can speak to us whenever you need and we don’t limit work by restricting the number of ads or keywords. If your campaigns need more time spent on them to deliver your objectives, we’ll just go ahead and do it, you won’t pay more and you won’t need to micro-manage us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?
We offer digital services such as PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on Google and YouTube to crafting beautiful landing pages and websites (that convert clicks to enquiries and sales) and everything in-between. Our focus is always on your return on investment. Click 'Digital Marketing' above in the navigation, and you'll see the full rundown on what we offer.
How much does PPC cost?
This depends on many variables - what platform the ads will be running (Google Ads, Facebook), what type of advert you'll be running (Search, Video or Display) and what your objectives are. During our proposal process, we'll run simulations and estimate a monthly budget to meet your marketing objectives.
How much does Byte Digital charge for PPC management
We base this on how many hours we need to manage your account on a monthly basis.
How do you measure success?
You tell us your marketing objectives and KPI's and we'll tell you how to reach them. We'll run simulations, set out expectations and how they will be measured.

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