Google Ads for dentists does what it says on the tin, they advertise your dental practice on Google. These can essentially be a direct route to more patients and are used to attract those looking for anything from routine check-ups to implants, teeth whitening and Invisalign.


How does Google Ads for dentists work?

When you type something into Google, the first four results that pop up are often adverts, which you can see as they are marked with an ‘Ad’ icon. The great thing about these Google Ads is that you, as the advertiser, are only charged when the link is actually clicked.


Bidding on keywords

Google Ads ask you to bid on certain keywords, for example ‘teeth whitening in Orpington’. When someone searches for these keywords, your ad will appear, if your Ad Rank is high enough to trigger an Ad.


Ad Rank – Winning the ad space

Your advert will only appear on Google if your Ad Rank is high enough. Ad rank is calculated by using your bid amount, quality score (which includes expected click-through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience), the competitive bids and the context of the user’s search query.  When you have a high-quality ad, served by a relevant keyword, which links to an optimised landing page, you can drive the cost per click down.


Comprehensive strategy

Before reaching out and booking an appointment, the average patient may connect with you across a variety of touchpoints. Some services, such as cosmetic dentistry, have a better ROI (return on investment) on social channels such as Facebook or Instagram, whereas emergency treatments perform much better on Google Search than social channels.  Therefore, we can use a tailored combination of these touchpoints when developing an ad strategy based on your practice’s marketing objectives. These include SEO, social media, Google Display Network, and your landing page.


PPC with purpose

PPC (pay-per-click) isn’t just about getting you clicks. After all, clicks without conversions (enquiries) are entirely pointless. We are here to get you new patients.

Location exclusivity

If you are a dental practice with one location in London, it would make little sense for us to pay for your adverts to appear to those searching in Edinburgh. Therefore, we use geo-targeting to ensure that your adverts only appear in the specific areas of your choosing – the most likely places to find new patients. However, due to this feature and the potential resulting conflicts of interest, we offer location exclusivity.


Drive patient enquiries quickly

We promise that your advert will be ranked on the first page of Google. This remains the case even if your site/landing page has not ranked well yet in organic search.

This is the fastest way to drive new potential patients to your site. In contrast, while SEO is a powerful tool, it can take longer for your pages to appear high up the rankings. Google Ads are the fastest route to new patients now rather than later. Moreover, plenty of searchers will click the top paid advert rather than the top organic search result, if it answers their query.


We track every enquiry and report back

If you are using PPC, it is important to keep a record of where your leads are originating from. You want to know which Ads are working best and which keywords are bringing in the most patients. We track every click, phone call and form submission generated by an Ad and report back to you about your return on investment, giving you a cost per enquiry. We run A/B testing and remove any non-performing ads and keywords and improve upon existing campaigns.

Our team of digital marketing professionals have been working within the dental industry for a while, developing specific sector knowledge in order to provide top-quality and affordable Google Ads for dentists. By following the latest PPC and SEO trends, we are able to work with you on anything from Google Ads to Search Engine Optimisation and everything in between. We can even provide you with a detailed Google Ads audit free of charge.

Google Ads Partner

Case Study

Established in 1973, Beckenham Dental Centre is a well-known Beckenham-based dental practice. It's located in a competitive area with many dental practices. They partnered with Byte Digital in January 2021 for Google Ads (PPC).

Within the first 60 days of our new account management, conversions increased considerably - up by 30%. We were able to slash the cost per conversion (cost per enquiry) from £9.33 to just £3.49. Because of the higher quality score and cut in wasted spend, we were able to reduce the budget by a whopping 46%. And as there are no out-of-area enquiries, we were confident that the leads we generate are more valuable.

30% more enquiries, of better quality, for nearly half the cost.

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As a Google Ads Agency, we wear our Google Partner badge with pride. It shows that we’ve passed our Google Ads product exams and are up-to-date with the latest products and tech from Google. We’ve earned our Google Partner badge. As an official Google Partner agency, you know that you are working with expert digital marketers who have proven their expertise. Add our regular Google Ads certification and training to our many years of experience and you know your media budget is in safe hands. You can be assured of the highest standard of work and progressive data-led thinking, which all conform to Google’s best practices and guidelines.

What other marketing channels are there for my dental practice?

Microsoft Ads (Formerly Bing Ads)
Microsoft Ads (used to be known as Bing Ads) has a growing pool of users and can be a valuable resource for dental practices. After all, if you only ever advertise on Google, you will only ever reach the people using Google. Microsoft Ads uses the Bing search engine which is the default for many Microsoft products.
Facebook Ads
Facebook advertising is perfect for location-specific targeting. Not only can we aim to reach those within a certain area, but also people who have shown an interest in rival dental practice pages.
Local Dental Practice SEO
By using keywords related to your location and business, we can try to get you onto the first page of Google's organic listings and Google Maps. Although when it comes to SEO nothing is guaranteed, we've been working within the sector long enough to know what works. SEO works well when combined with PPC, find out more about Google Ads vs. SEO or talk to us, we won't Byte (pun intended).

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We have developed a deep and unique understanding of the industry, the needs of the practices, and exactly what patients are looking for. We are, therefore, perfectly placed to assist you in building, optimising and managing your Google Ads. Not only this, but our campaigns are not designed with dental practices in mind, they are designed with YOUR dental practice in mind. That means standing out from the crowd by specifically targeting patients in your area looking for the services you offer. Get in touch today and request a free Google Ads audit.

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