In November 2021, Google launched Performance Max, or P-Max as it’s otherwise known, a new campaign type that has garnered significant attention in the PPC and advertising industry.

Performance Max is a fully automated, goal-oriented campaign that combines various types of advertising from across the Google Ads network, including YouTube, Display Ads, Search Ads, Shopping, Discovery, Gmail, and even Maps.

It allows marketers to automate their ads and optimise for their target CPA by utilising various tools such as bidding strategies, budget optimisation, attribution, and ad creative. Performance Max demonstrates Google’s continued focus on automation in advertising.

Performance Max replaced Smart Shopping Campaigns in September 2022. However, there are hacks where we can run feed-only performance max campaigns that act just like Smart Shopping once did. These campaign types are only suitable in some circumstances and generally, we don’t advocate feed-only P-Max campaigns by themselves.

As the field continues to evolve, it is important for PPC experts and Google Ads Agencies to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and how they progress over time.

Whether you are a Google Ads specialist or not, we are here to help you navigate the potential impact of Performance Max on your campaigns. We offer free, comprehensive PPC and Google Ads audits to help you improve your Pay-Per-Click Ads and achieve your goals. Contact us for more information.

Google Shopping Agency case study

P-Max campaigns for Annie Haak

Annie Haak Designs Ltd is a rapidly growing online jewellery store in terms of both sales and reputation. Annie Haak, whose fascinating collection of bracelets, necklaces, and stacks is inspired by Bali’s rich culture, has a growing fan base and wearers.

We manage their Google Shopping Campaigns through P-Max and are pleased to report that we increased sales by 139%. More information on how we did it can be found in our case study.


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Google Shopping Agency case study

P-Max campaigns for Drone Safe Store

Drone Safe Store is a DJI Drone retailer that appeared on BBC’s Dragons Den. They are a family-run business that takes pride in providing excellent customer service and product support.

We manage their Performance Max campaigns and are pleased to report that we increased sales significantly. Our case study contains more information on how we did it.

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Google Shopping Agency case study for Alltype Roofing

P-Max campaigns for Alltype Roofing

Alltype Roofing is a rapidly expanding South London-based roofing supply company with 12 depots and annual revenue of more than £20 million. We assisted them in launching their new e-commerce website without jeopardising their brick-and-mortar business. Discover how.

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