The way you engage with customers has been changed by email marketing. Today, you have the ability to produce a funnel that is optimised for conversions, which generates sales immediately, creating brand evangelists.

Email campaigns are ideal for plugging gaps in a customer’s journey. That means your email marketing campaign must be effective and seamless; it should help you interact and communicate with customers at every touchpoint.

Nowadays, direct channels are used to engage with customers.

Email marketing can be described as a type of sales tool you can refine and fine-tune. It can provide companies with opportunities to present customized messages to all sorts of consumers at various conversion funnel stages.

Our staff of creative professionals works in-house to craft messages that articulate your vision. We combine those messages with mesmerising designs capable of making a difference. We also work with a number of other channels quite cohesively.

Sophisticated systems, analytics for email marketing and a genuine understanding of who your target market is are important aspects of presenting your brand in a certain way. We know when certain emails should be sent out in order to optimize conversion rates. Your current subscriber list can be segmented to customize messages further. We can separate it into geographical locations or by those customers who purchase a particular category of product. Because our email marketing firm has extensive experience, we can remind customers where you’re situated, what is happening and anything else you want them to be aware of about your service, product or brand. We will work diligently to enhance brand awareness for you, as well as establish a customer base that remains loyal to you.

Studies show that it’s more profitable (by five times, no less) to reconvert either a previous or warm customer, as opposed to chasing cold ones.

Customised messaging – which is sent directly to a customer’s inbox – will streamline a buyer’s journey. Each CTA will be bespoke, on-brand, and incentivising. In short, we can stimulate customers into returning to whatever your platform is.

Date-led thinking

Our professional staff uses extensive knowledge and sophisticated analysis to put together meticulously curated content pieces. Obviously, this benefits your business. Implementation of a strong remarketing campaign is capable of capturing customers that didn’t convert initially, which is actually quite natural for the average consumer.

Why us?

Client and Customer-Focused
Every email marketing client is different and, as such, each project must be individually approached with absolute versatility. The belief and passion you have in your product, service, or brand will be harnessed. We will essentially be an unofficial extension of the company you run, regardless of how small or big it is.
Very Affordable
Costly maintenance fees and complicated set-ups are not something you need to deal with in today’s day and age. We use a slightly different approach and are dedicated to total transparency. The email marketing strategies we will provide you with are cost-effective, to boot.
Experienced Staff
Each one of our employees is certified in their respective fields. That means our in-house team has what it takes to improve your performance online and boost profits for your company. Our experts will be by your side throughout each phase of your campaign – we will work together to deliver the results you expect.

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