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Facebook can be an integral part of your marketing strategy and, before we create any campaign, we make sure the right strategy is in place. We run extensive competitor and industry research and use your own data to plan our campaigns accordingly. This enables us to build relevant, highly targeted campaigns.

Facebook targeting is incredibly precise and its algorithm is excellent at predicting user behaviour. It gives us the ability to target audiences based on demographic, geographic, interests, behaviour and connections – we can be as broad or as well-defined as is needed for the campaign objectives.

Targeting lookalike audiences is another great way to reach potential customers. We upload your data and Facebook uses its algorithms to find users who behave in a similar way and have similar interests. Facebook can automatically find segments of that audience who are more likely to convert or take the action you want.

We don’t just stop there. We have the expertise to create beautiful landing pages for our ads on your website, that takes into account the user journey for maximum chance of a successful sale or lead.

NHS Case Study

Digital Marketing for South East London NHS Integrated Care Systems

An NHS Integrated Care Board, local government, partners, and the NHS are all involved in the collaboration.

The NHS Integrated Care Systems has been collaborating with Byte Digital to launch a number of ads that will generate traffic and educate residents across south east London about the initiative.

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Our service is based on delivering results.

We'll discuss your objectives and provide you with simulations of what you can expect, all based on research and historical data. We don’t keep you tied in with lengthy contracts, instead we deliver results to keep your business with us. If you are not happy with our services you can cancel at any time.

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We strive for excellence. You can speak to us whenever you need and we don’t limit work by restricting the number of ads or keywords. If your campaigns need more time spent on them to deliver your objectives, we’ll just go ahead and do it, you won’t pay more and you won’t need to micro-manage us.

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