Why you should bid on brand terms

Why bid for brand search terms when you already rank position 1 in organic search results? Every marketing pound counts, and you may think that Google Ads cannibalising natural, no-cost clicks is a bad idea at first.

A skilled Google Ads Account manager, on the other hand, will almost always recommend bidding on branded keywords. Here’s why you should bid on brand terms;


Control your message

When a consumer searches for your brand name, bidding on it ensures that your perfectly written messaging, complete with all of your glorious ad extensions, will appear in the coveted top of fold content.

In organic search, Google doesn’t always show your custom meta description; it can also show chunks of the page’s text. If you rely just on organic results, the message that people see may not be what you would want.


Add more information

Google Ads allows you to take a prime position in Search with many configurable and effective ad extensions, such as your business phone number, business address, additional links to other pages on your site (known as site link), user reviews, product photos, and much more.


Change your message quickly

You’ll almost certainly need to tweak your title, description, and other meta tags for your organic SERP listings if you want to improve your ranking and CTR.

So you’re stuck juggling the best SEO efforts with CTR optimisation.

With paid search advertisements, you have complete control over the messaging of your ad, and the greatest thing is that you can alter it at any time.


Maximise Search Real Estate

Just because you’re the first organic result doesn’t guarantee you’re also in the second to tenth positions.

It also doesn’t mean you’ll appear prominently in other SERP elements like maps, photos, shopping, knowledge graphs, answer boxes, or anything else Google may introduce in the future.



Companies that appear first in both sponsored listings and organic results have greater credibility and top-of-mind awareness among their target audience.


Increase account-wide quality score

Although an account-wide quality score has not officially been confirmed by Google, most strategists working with Google Ads recognise it exists.

Branded searches have a high CTR and quality score since they are highly relevant to your brand.

This helps to raise the account-wide average number for your campaigns.  This saves you money because Google rewards advertisers with high-quality scores by lowering their cost per click (CPC).


It’s really cheap

Because of little competition and high relevancy, branded terms are usually very cheap.

So, to control your brand’s SERP, you don’t need to invest a lot of money.



On your brand SERP, bidding on your brand name provides you with a lot more control and flexibility.

And, maybe most crucially, it is inexpensive!

So, for most firms, bidding on their own brand terms is a no-brainer.



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Posted by Gareth Allen

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